Lawn Fertilizer, Weed Controls, Plant Food & Garden Fertilizer

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What makes Turf Trust® Lawn Fertilizer so special?

Turf Trust provides complete, balanced nutrition. Here's why:

  • Five (5) Nitrogen sources
  • 50% of Nitrogen is controlled release
  • Only fertilizer with CDU Water Insoluble Nitrogen 
  • Secondary Nutrients
  • Full Complement of micro nutrients
  • Single application feeds for up to 13 weeks

What type of iron (Fe) is found in Turf Trust®?

We use Chelated iron, which provides that deep, dark green and it WON'T stain your concrete!

When do I apply Turf Trust®?

Fall is the best time to feed your lawn because you are feed the lawn when it can best use it. When soil temperatures cool, lawn "top growth" slows and the root system development starts. Feeding on Labor Day and again between Halloween and Thanksgiving supports deep root development, which helps the lawn survive hot and dry summers. Energy is stored in the root system and then released when the soil temperatures warm in the spring, helping your lawn look fantastic!

What are the spreader settings I need to use for applying Turf Trust®

Do you provide a weed and feed?

No, we do not. Professional groundskeepers DO NOT use "weed & feeds," so why should you? Turf Trust® Brand Weed Controls do not contain fertilizer, they contain the MAXIMUM amount of active ingredients for residential use to ensure maximum control of weeds. The good news is Turf Trust® Lawn Fertilizer's controlled release formula allows our weed control products to be applied the SAME DAY!

What makes Garden Trust® and Plant Trust® so special?

Garden Trust® and Plant Trust® are the easiest way to completely feed your trees, shrubs, flowers and vegetables. The formulations are highly efficient, which means just one application lasts the ENTIRE season. The fact is, NO OTHER garden fertilizer or plant food product offers more complete and balanced nutrition.