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Plant Food & Garden Fertilizer

If you want bright, colorful blooms for your favorite tree or bush, or a bountiful garden harvest for your fruits and vegetables, then you need the best plant food and garden fertilizer available in the market today. 

Plant Trust® is an easy to use plant fertilizer for trees and shrubs that contains EVERYTHING they need to grow strong, healthy and beautiful. How easy? Just one application feeds your trees and shrubs for the entire season! You won't find a better or more effective plant food on the market!

Garden Trust® is a premium garden fertilizer for flowers, vegetables and bulbs. With 14 different nutrient compounds, Garden Trust® provides a controlled release nitrogen blend that feeds slowly and gently. In fact, one application lasts the ENTIRE season for ground planted flowers, vegetables and bulbs!


"This is my hibiscus plant that barely survived the winter in my garage (lower right). When I brought it outside in June, it had these weak green leaves trying to survive. I fed it with Garden Trust® only once and this is what it grew into over the summer! It produced it's first beautiful pink bloom in September and has continued blooming ever since. It's amazing!!! Garden Trust® is truly an amazing product." 

Marie - Alexandria, VA


"Great food for plants & flowers."

Vern - Fredericksburg, VA

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"This rose bush is over 9-feet tall, likely the tallest rose bush in the county thanks to Plant Trust. Great product!"

Thompson - Arlington, Virgina


"I have been using Plant Trust® for two years on my crape myrtle bushes and they now produce beautiful, full blooms throughout the growing season and even the dry summer season."

William - Great Falls, VA



What makes Garden Trust® and Plant Trust® so special?

Garden Trust® and Plant Trust® are the easiest way to completely feed your trees, shrubs, flowers and vegetables. The formulations are highly efficient, which means just one application lasts the ENTIRE season. The fact is, NO OTHER garden fertilizer or plant food product offers more complete and balanced nutrition.


"This hydrangea gets full sun in the late afternoon, but it always pops back in the morning. Your products have helped this plant to grow deep roots so it can handle the hot North Carolina summer sun"  Joanne - Apex, NC


"I have used Garden Trust® on my potted vegetables for the past two years, the results are fantastic!!! The plants are green and healthy, but more importantly, the bell peppers are large, firm and plentiful" James - Jackson, MI

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