Starting Your Lawn Over

If your lawn is over 50% weeds, it may be time to start over.


Step 1 – adjust your lawn mower to cut your lawn to a height of 2 inches and bag the clippings. Then give the entire lawn a full, deep soaking.

Step 2 – Following the label directions for Lawn Renovation, kill all existing weeds and grass by spraying the entire lawn with Kleen Up by Bonide or Pronto by PBI Gordon. (Note: Adding Turbo Spreader/Sticker by Bonide to the herbicide mixture increases the effectiveness of the spray.  Adding Make it Blue by Monterrey Chemical to the spray mix makes it easy to see where you have applied the herbicide.)

Step 3 – call your local tool rental center and reserve a de-thatcher for about a week later.  You will use this tool to remove the dead weeds and grass.


Step 4 – wait about a week to ten days for the herbicide to work.  Once your existing lawn has been killed, get started with the dethatching machine.  Set the blades to run at a depth of ¼ - ½ inch to rip up all of the old weeds and grass.  Run the dethatcher East-West and then North-South until all the old weeds and grass has been removed.  Rake up and dispose of this material.


Step 5 – if your lawn has not been core aerated in the past 5 years, consider renting a hollow tine core aerator.  As with the dethatcher, run the aerator East-West and then North-South to remove compaction.


Step 6 – rake your lawn to fill low and smooth un-even areas.  


Step 7 – use a high quality grass seed such as Barenbrug’s Water Saver RTF.  For shady lawns, try Shady Nook from the Meyer Seed Company in Baltimore, MD.  Follow the label directions for how much seed to apply.


Step 8 – apply Turf Trust® 24-2-12 Lawn Starter Formula according to label directions.