Turf Trust® Brand Weed Controls

When it comes to having a great lawn, removing and controlling the weed population is a priority. Turf Trust® Brand weed controls provides you with everything you need to prevent weeds from germinating and keep them from coming back year after year.

Turf Trust® Brand Crabgrass Control with Dimension® allows you to STOP crabgrass before it starts, so you to take back control of your yard and keep it for years to come!

Meanwhile, our Turf Trust® Brand Broadleaf Weed Control with Gallery® prevents over 95 varieties of weeds from breaking through the soil surface and keeps them from coming back for eight (8) months! 

Stop wasting money on sub-par products and take back control of your yard once and for all with Turf Trust® Brand Weed Controls!

***Click below for spreader settings needed for applying Turf Trust® Fertilizer and Weed Controls***


What are the spreader settings I need to use for applying Turf Trust® Brand Weed Controls?

Do you provide a weed and feed?

No, we do not. Professional groundskeepers DO NOT use "weed & feeds," so why should you? Turf Trust® Brand Weed Controls do not contain fertilizer, they contain the MAXIMUM amount of active ingredients for residential use to ensure maximum control of weeds. The good news is Turf Trust® Lawn Fertilizer's controlled release formula allows our weed control products to be applied the SAME DAY!


"My neighbors are always complimenting me on my lawn. I tell them it's the "Turf Trust®."

Tom - Ellicott City, MD


I love Turf Trust®! A few years ago, convenience caused me to substitute that NATIONAL brand after visiting a big box store. Bad idea. Never again will I stray

Gina - Laytonsville, MD