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Simply The Best Fertilizer On The Planet

By law, all fertilizer labels must include a guaranteed analysis and a "derived from" statement. These two items will tell you exactly what's in the bag, and so comparing them to other comparable products, you will see that no other brand comes close to offering the complete nutrient matrix contained within Turf Trust®, Plant Trust® and Garden Trust®

Fertilize your lawn, landscape and gardens with Pro Trust Products and prepare to be amazed! 

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You'll Get Tired Of Winning Yard Of The Month!


If you want a lawn fertilizer that really works, a garden fertilizer that produces bigger, brighter blooms for your flowers and bountiful vegetable harvests, or need to reinvigorate your favorite tree or shrub, you have come to the right place! Pro Trust Products is a line of ultra-premium fertilizers and weed controls whose results will truly amaze! 

  • Formulated to provide your lawn, landscape and gardens with everything they need for beautiful, healthy growth. 
  • Products contains over 50% controlled release nitrogen, so they feed slowly and gently. 
  • Only fertilizer that contains CDU, a unique water insoluble nitrogen that releases through microbial action and promotes natural control of fungal diseases. 
  • Provides a balanced blend of secondary & micro nutrients in the proper proportions.

***Click below for spreader settings needed for applying Turf Trust® Fertilizer and Weed Controls***


"This product is the best we know. We looked at an aerial shot of our home and we have the greenest lawn in our subdivision."

Cindy - Portage, IN

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Lawn Fertilizer

Turf Trust® lawn fertilizer gives your grass that lush, deep-green look without staining your concrete. Learn More

Plant & Garden Food

If you want bright, colorful blooms or a bountiful garden harvest, then get the best plant food and garden fertilizer available in the market today. Learn More

Weed Controls

Turf Trust® brand weed controls provide long-lasting protection against crabgrass and 95 other weed species. Learn More

Buy Online Now

If you want a fertilizers that produce amazing results for your lawn, garden or plants? Then order what you need online today and have it delivered to your home. Order Now


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