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Kick Start Your Lawn & Gardens

Kick Start is a balanced blend of organically based supplements designed for soil and foliar application. This product has a unique carbon matrix, specifically humic acid, which improves the ability of plants to take up vital nutrients.

Although it can be used in conjunction with ANY fertilizer, KICK START was specifically formulated to provide additional support to Turf Trust® Lawn Fertilizers, Garden Trust® and Plant Trust® products. Whether you’re spraying over your lawn, gardens, trees or shrubs, Kick Start helps create healthier and stronger plants, at the same time increasing microbial activity.

For best use, apply at least once a month on lawns, garden flowers, trees & shrubs during the spring and summer months. It’s also a perfect solution for your indoor plants!

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Kick Start is will enhance the root and shoot development of your lawn, gardens, shrubs and other foliage.

Kick Start…

  • Improves a lawn & plant’s resistance to stress
  • Improves availability and uptake of iron and other trace metals
  • Enhances the uptake of available nutrients
  • Stimulates root development & can be used with any fertilizer

It also will help your lawn resist drought and excess heat making your lawn and plant more disease resistant. It can be used with any fertilizer making the plants more salt tolerant.

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