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Want to know how to apply Turf Trust® Fertilizer and Weed Controls? Do you have questions about Plant Trust® or Garden Trust®? You’ve on the right page!

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What does 5M and 10M mean on your fertilizer bags?

These numbers indicate the coverage area, which we calcuate in square feet! Our 5M bags cover 5,000 square feet and the 10M covers 10,000 square feet! 

When will my order ship?

Most orders will ship within 48 hours, but we guarantee that all online orders will ship within 72 hours (business days only since we do not ship out Saturday or Sunday)

When do I apply Turf Trust® Lawn Fertilizers & Weed Contols?

Please click the following link to see our easy to use application schedule (CLICK HERE)

What Makes Turf Trust® Lawn Fertilizer So Special?

Turf Trust provides complete, balanced nutrition. Here’s why:

  • Five (5) Nitrogen sources
  • 50% of Nitrogen is controlled release
  • Only fertilizer with CDU Water Insoluble Nitrogen 
  • Secondary Nutrients
  • Full Complement of micro nutrients
  • Single application feeds for up to 13 weeks

When Do I Apply Turf Trust® Lawn Fertilizer?

We recommend the “first” feeding around March 15th depending on where you are in the country (northern states may still have snow). The second application would be approximately 12-weeks later on June 15th.

Fall is actually the best time to feed your lawn because you are feeding the lawn when it can best use it. When soil temperatures cool, lawn “top growth” slows and the root system development starts.  So we recommend the third feeding on Labor Day and while a fourth and FINAL feeding between Halloween and Thanksgiving supports deep root development, which helps the lawn survive hot and dry summers. Energy is stored in the root system and then released when the soil temperatures warm in the spring, helping your lawn look fantastic!

What type of iron (Fe) is found in Turf Trust®?

We use Chelated Iron, which provide that deep, dark green. In addition, it WILL NOT stain your concrete driveway or sidewalk. Most national brand lawn fertilizers use Iron Oxide (also known as RUST) in their formulations, hence the reason the concrete becomes discolored!

What are the spreader settings for Turf Trust®?

here is some information that should  be helpful for you regarding Spreader settings and calibrations

What is CDU?

Did you know that Turf Trust® with CDU supports NATURAL suppression of lawn diseases?

TURF TRUST® contains an array of controlled release nitrogen sources, formulated to feed slowly and gently through all weather conditions.  TURF TRUST® is the only brand with Crotonyliden diurea or CDU.  CDU is a unique form of Water Insoluble Nitrogen (WIN) that is released through microbial action.

Aerobic bacteria feed on CDU, converting it to the nitrate form, making it available to plants. CDU provides a food source that allows the population of aerobic bacteria to soar.  At soil temperatures above 53 degrees F, the same microorganisms that feed on CDU also feed voraciously on the very spores that can create the lawn diseases brown patch, fusarium and pythium.

Over time, feeding your lawn with TURF TRUST® with CDU supports the continued growth of a microbial population that can minimize outbreaks of lawn diseases without additional fungicide and pesticide applications.

Feed your lawn with Turf Trust® and prepare to be amazed!

Garden Sense Radio

Garden Sense Radio has been a strong supporter of our products since 1999. In addition to being huge fan of ours, they provide an enourmous amount wonderful information for your lawn and gardens!

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Oldies, But Goodies 🙂

What Makes Garden Trust® So Special?

Garden Trust® is the easiest way to completely feed your flowers and vegetables. The formulation is highly efficient, which means just one application lasts the ENTIRE season. The fact is, NO OTHER garden fertilizer product offers more complete and balanced nutrition.

What is the application rate for Garden Trust® in my vegetable garden?

For vegetable gardens, apply Garden Trust® at 1 lb. per 100 sq. ft. One feeding at the time of planting is all that is needed to produce a “bumper crop” of vegetables.

Applying Garden Trust® at 1 lb. per 100 sq. ft. = roughly 1 teaspoon of Garden Trust® teaspoon per plant. Sprinkle Garden Trust® around the stem of each plant, keeping Garden Trust® 6 – 8 inches away from the stem of each vegetable plant.For most vegetables, this is enough Garden Trust® for the entire crop cycle.

Special Instruction For Tomatoes

At Time Of Planting

  • Apply 1 tablespoon of Garden Trust® 6 – 8 inches away from the stem around each tomato plant after planting.

Three Weeks After Planting

  • Apply 3 tablespoons of Garden Trust® in a circle around each tomato plant, keeping Garden Trust® at least 6 – 8 inches from the stem of the tomato plant.

When Fruits Start to Set

When you see little tomatoes forming inside the yellow blooms, this is when a tomato plant is pulling the most nutrients up from the roots. Applying a heavy application of Garden Trust® now will supply the energy needed for bountiful, “bumper crop” of delicious tomatoes.

  • Apply 6 tablespoons of Garden Trust® in a circle around each tomato plant, keeping Garden Trust® at least 8 – 12 inches from the stem of the tomato plant.

Note: If you are not staking your tomato plants and allowing the vines to spread on the ground, apply this “heavy” application throughout the area covered by the expanding plant. Tomato vines will sprout roots wherever they contact the soil. You want to apply Garden Trust® to the feeder roots, not at the stem.


What Is The Application Rate For Garden Trust® In My Flower Beds?

For in-ground flower gardens, apply Garden Trust® at 1.5 lbs per 100 sq. ft. One feeding is enough for the entire growing season!Applying at 1.5 lbs. per 100 sq. ft. = roughly 1.5 teaspoons of Garden Trust® per plant. Sprinkle Garden Trust® around each plant, keeping Garden Trust® 6 – 8 inches away from the stem. This is enough Garden Trust® to produce amazing blooms all season.